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Henry is a PHP web developer for Rutgers University, School of Arts and Sciences, Information Technology Office. He lives in Wall Township, New Jersey with his lovely wife Lindsey Schemding who is an NJ certified School Psychologist that works for the Neptune Township Board of Education. Henry has more than 10 years of experience working as a software developer for various government agencies such as New Jersey Civil Service Commission, County of Monmouth, and Rutgers Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology. While working at these institutions, Henry utilized many different technologies to build feature rich applications for his clients in order to aid them in their daily work activities. In his spare time, Henry enjoys doing small home improvement projects and working with local business on developing small applications that are customized to their area of expertise. His latest project involved updating his home using various IoT devices in order to monitor and control settings such as temperature, lighting, and door entry as well as providing video surveillance/motion detection services to one centralized phone application that can access the home system from anywhere in the world.

Project Highlights

  • Academic scholarship submission system written for the Rutgers School of Arts and Science. This web portal allows students to submit applications to the SAS Excellence Award Committee based on academic eligibility criteria. Potential candidates are notified via email using a the web application's built in mass mailer of their eligibility to apply for scholarships offered by the school. Committe members review applications in the system and are able to assign award statuses based on submitted info. Students are also able to view their current and past applications as well by using their official Rutgers NetID and password.
  • Teacher evaluation system that included several evaluation rubrics, an online training/certification program, content management system, and a real-time notification system that informed faculty and staff of required action items.
  • Android phone application for sending notifications out to New Jersey State Employees on adverse weather conditions. Application was capable of sending push notification, SMS message, and email alert as well as updating the official State of New Jersey website with an emergency alert message and a public RSS feed for other local and state agencies to use for their emergency management systems.
  • Document Management System designed for long term records retention that met New Jersey State Document Archival and Records Retention standards. System allowed 21 NJ Counties and many other local municipalities to easily scan paper documents into a digital format so that the agencies could easily destroy their paper records and use their digital files as official public record. System also categorized all digital records that had a 10 year retention period which require microfilming and long term storage in an archival vault offsite. Henry was also on the County of Monmouth steering committee for recommendation of disaster recovery safeguards to ensure protection of Monmouth County's public records.

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